One Day In Capri, Itinerary & Day Trip Guide

Nestled in the Bay of Naples, the island of Capri is one of the most beautiful places on planet earth.

It’s been a resort island and haven since ancient times. Its magnetic charm enchanted Roman emperors like Tiberius, who built lavish villas there.

You’ll be enchanted too. To help you discover the island’s magic, I’ve put together the perfect one day in Capri day trip itinerary.

view of the Fragalioni rocks from Capri

Overview Of Capri

Capri is part of southern Italy, near the Sorrentine peninsula.

Geographically, it’s an island divided into two parts, with a valley in between. There’s a big port at the mouth of the island, Marina Grande.

There are two towns, Anacapri and Capri Town. Capri Town is accessible via funicular, bus, or taxi. Anacapri sits above Capri and can be reached by bus or taxi.

People usually arrive in Capri from Naples or Sorrento. You can take the high speed boat, a slower boat, a private charter, or book a private transfer. (Nitty gritty details in the tips section at the end.)

On arrival, many people say “what’s the big deal.” This may reflect the fact Marina Grande is not very pretty and very touristy.

people on a boat tour going through an arch in the rocks

Well, the big deal is the natural beauty of the island itself!

A good way to see for yourself is to take boat ride around the island and look at it from the sea. Some guided day trip tours include this option or you can book a boat tour on your own.

>>> Click here to book a 2 hour boat tour around the island

It’s not easy to get around the island itself. In fact, perhaps the most convenient and efficient way is to is hire a driver and take a custom automobile.

They’re tweaked for the narrow roads and have the roof cut off. You can also rent scooters to get around or take the bus.

You’ll need to be prepared, psychologically, to share the island with other people.

Capri Town, a must visit on a day trip to Capri
Capri Town

One Day in Capri At A Glance

Here’s a snapshot glance of what you can see on a day trip Capri:

  • Blue Grotto
  • Anacapri
  • Villa San Michele
  • Mount Solaro
  • Capri Town
  • Gardens of Augustus
  • Villa Jovis

Best Tours & Experiences:

Here are some tours you might consider booking. Be sure to reserve well in advance for high season.

Marina Grande
Marina Grande

One Day In Capri Itinerary

There’s a lot to do in Capri with just one day. My itinerary is crafted with the active traveler in mind.

However, with limited time, you may need to be realistic about how much you can fit in. So, feel free to pick and choose from the array of activities I’ve outlined.

Your ferry will drop you off at Marina Grande. From there, make you way to either the Blue Grotto or Anacapri.

boats waiting to enter the Blue Grotto
boats waiting to enter the Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto

Plan ahead and make a decision about visiting the renowned Blue Grotto.

Morning is the ideal time due to perfect lighting conditions. To enter, you’ll need to recline in your boat as the entrance is just 4 feet high.

Be prepared to dedicate a significant portion of your morning to this experience, as there can be a considerable wait. Inside, the visit lasts only 5 minutes, so keep that in mind when planning your day.

Blue Grotto, a top attraction to visit with one day in Capri
Blue Grotto

Yet, the grotto is a truly unique geographical phenomenon.

Sunlight penetrates through the cave and bounces off the limestone floor. It creates an otherworldly radiant blue that’s just mesmerizing.

You have to see it at low tide when the water is calm. If it’s high tide, you won’t be able to visit. You might have your visit abruptly cancelled. So, it’s a good idea to have backup plans.

Historians believe that Tiberius used the Blue Grotto as a private swimming pool and placed statues in there. Several of them are now in a museum in Anacapri.


If you skipped the Blue Grotto, start your one day in Capri in the town of Anacapri. Or head there when you’re done at the grotto.

Anacapri is Capri’s less visited town. Nonetheless, it’s quite pretty.

Piazza Vittoria is the main square. Via Orlandi is the main street and a great place to shop.

Narrow streets lined with whitewashed houses and colorful flowers create a charming ambiance as you stroll through the town.

Anacapri is renowned for its local crafts and artisan shops, offering up handcrafted ceramics, textiles, and other unique products.

sculptures in the Villa San Michele
Villa San Michele

You may want to visit the pretty Villa San Michele.

It was designed by Swedish doctor Axel Munthe. Munthe’s wanted a “Greek temple, with light light light everywhere.”

Today, the villa is a museum housing art and antiques — ancient relics, statues, and eclectic furnishings. You can walk through the atrium, mosaic floors, loggia, and chapel.

Replicas of iconic sculptures like Rome’s Spinario and Florence’s Putto with Dolphin adorn the villa. The garden features a wisteria-draped pergola, boasting stunning views.

view from the top of Mount Solaro, a must do on any one day in Capri itinerary

Mount Solaro

The next thing you’ll do is hop on a chairlift to head up to Mount Solaro. It departs from the Piazza Vittoria and takes about 10 minutes each way.

It’s very safe. The operators are excellent and are used to visitors that might be apprehensive.

It’s a surreal experience. You’re hovering above white sugar cube homes. As you ascend, it gets more and more quiet. All you hear is wind.

Once you get off the chair at the top, you’re 2,000 feet above sea level. There are a few terraces to visit to look out over the island. You’ll be dazzled with the best views on the island. You’ve probably seen the view in photos of Capri.

You can see the Fragalioni rocks. They’re limestone sea stacks. They’ve become iconic and a symbol of Capri. You can actually sail through the arch of one of them.

chairlift on Monte Solaro
chairlift on Monte Solaro

According to the Odyssey, these were boulders that were hurled into the sea by the cyclops Polyphemus. According to Virgil, this is the place where the sirens once lived.

The rocks are so famous that they have names. Stella is the rock firmly affixed to the cliffside, flanked by its counterparts.

The middle rock is Faraglione di Mezzo. The one nearest to the expanse of the open sea is called Faraglione di Fuori or Scopolo.

After Mount Solaro, have lunch at Da Gelsomina. We loved the family-run restaurant. It was one of our best meals on our Amalfi Coast trip.

But if you’ve been to the Blue Grotto and are pressed for time, grab some food in Anacapri before moving on to Capri Town. Or pick up a panino to go.

Capri Town, a must see with one day in Capri
Capri Town

Capri Town

Capri Town is pretty small, but very beautiful and boasts some well known luxury hotels. The main square is Piazza Umberto I, also known as the “Piazzetta.”

The most iconic thing is the clock tower. You may recognize the design. It’s the same as the popular Capri Watch.

On a lookout point in the square, you will find a ceramic map of Capri. It shows the topography, landmarks, and coastline of the island.

You look out at Capri as the same time as you’re looking at a map of Capri. The views are stunning. You can see Mount Solaro.

Capri Town is a great place for high end shopping (or window shopping). You’ll find luxury brands on Via Vittoria Emanuele or Via Camerelle.

Marina Piccola

Less than a mile down the road is the Marina Piccola. It’s a 20-30 minute walk. Many of the boat tours depart from here.

There’s a little pebbled beach and some prestigious beach clubs. (Beaches are rather scarce in Capri.)

This particular area of Capri is associated with an ancient myth. In the Odyssey, that this is where the sirens sang their songs.

Gardens of Augustus

If instead of beaches you like gardens, head to the Gardens of Augustus.

They’re a series of flower bedecked terraces and gardens scattered with Roman statuary. It will only take 5-10 minutes to walk through the gardens. Be sure to sit down and take a selfie on the beautiful majolica bench.

But what you really come here for is the views! And they are definitely worth the price of admission.

From the garden’s observation deck, you have the classic Capri photo shot. You’ll be dazzled with panoramic views of the famous Faraglioni rock formations, the Marina Piccola bay, and the Mediterranean Sea.

view from the Gardens of Augustus, a must visit with one day in Capri
view from the Gardens of Augustus
Via Krup

On the other side, you’ll have the iconic view of Via Krup. It’s known for its unique switchback layout.

It zigzags 300 feet down the cliffside from the area near the Gardens of Augustus to Marina Piccola. You used to be able to walk down. But the walkway is closed now because of falling rocks.

If you’re done with your one day in Capri, take the funicular back down to Marina Grande to catch your ferry back to the mainland.

Villa Jovis
Villa Jovis

Villa Jovis

But, if you have time left in your day and enjoy Roman ruins, catch a ride or hike to Villa Jovis. Emperor Tiberius built the villa in 27 AD and it’s at the highest point of the island.

Much of it still preserved and standing. It looks a bit like when you’re walking by the Palatine Hill in Rome. You can see arches and the footprint of the villa, including the layout of the various rooms, courtyards, and terraces.

Rumors and anecdotes about Emperor Tiberius’s extravagant parties, hedonistic behavior, and lavish lifestyle at Villa Jovis have persisted throughout history. Although whether they really happened is up for historical debate. It’s possible that he was just trying to get away from his domineering mother Livia.

If you’re accompanied by a guide, they’ll eagerly point out a fascinating spot known as Tiberius’ Leap behind the villa. Steps lead down to the platform.

Villa Jovis
Villa Jovis

According to legend, it’s the very spot from which Tiberius is said to have cast down his adversaries and those who fell short of his expectations in romantic affairs.

Be aware that Villa Jovis may not always be accessible, sometimes limiting its opening to weekends even during peak season. I’ve heard that financial constraints have led the Italian state to struggle with maintenance, resulting in some deterioration of the site. It’s indeed regrettable!

If the villa is closed, there’s still a chance to explore. Look for a gap in the wire gate to the left of the entrance. That’s the pathway I used to venture in myself.

From the villa, you’ll have splendid views of the Amalfi Coast. If time permits (which it probably doesn’t), you can walk back on the coastal trail, Via del Pizzolungo.

The walk is about 1.5 to 2 hours long. Along the way, you’ll see Belvedere di Tragara, the Grotto di Matermania, and the Arco Natural.

Departure or Dinner

If you are day tripping to Capri, it’s time to return home. Make sure to check when the last ferries depart and have pre-booked tickets.

The last ferry to Sorrento departs around 6:30 pm. The last ferry to Naples departs around 8:00 pm. You can check the ferry schedules and book tickets on Ferryhopper.

If you are overnighting, there are plenty of dinner options.

The cuisine here is a celebration of simplicity and freshness, with a farm-to-table ethos that shines through in every dish. Try to sample the seafood, caprese salads, caprese ravioli, and lemon-infused desserts.

cozy interior of Gelsomina
cozy interior of Gelsomina

I mentioned Da Gelsomina above. if you didn’t have time for a leisurely lunch, you can have dinner there. A shuttle will pick you up and take you back to your accommodation.

For those seeking a Michelin-starred experience, Capri Palace boasts three exceptional options. L’Olivo, with its delectable seafood offerings and breathtaking vistas, serves up cuisine that’s as visually stunning as it is flavorful.

Terazza Brunella is another gem where you can dine in style with captivating views. Nestled close to the belvedere of the same name, this spot adds an extra touch of romance to your dining experience.

If you’re in search of a unique setting, Da Paolino is a delightful choice. Set within a garden flourishing with lemon trees, you’ll be seated beneath a fragrant canopy of citrus.

beach at Marina Grande
beach at Marina Grande

Tips For A One Day In Capri Day Trip Itinerary

Here are some must know tips to help you plan your day trip to Capri and navigate the island.

1. How To Get To Capri

Most people arrive in Capri by ferry. The easiest way to get to Capri is by ferry or hydrofoil. You can catch a ferry from NaplesSorrentoAmalfi, or Positano.

None of them take more than about 40-60 minutes. I’ve linked the ferry schedules by town.

Book early because they’re often sold out. I don’t advise taking the slow ferry for a day trip. It will eat up too much of your time.

Marine Piccola in Sorrento
Marine Piccola in Sorrento

Ferries from Naples to Capri depart from the Molo Beverello and the Calata Porta di Massa. Ferries from Sorrento depart from Marina Piccola (not from Marina Grande).

The ferry ride is pretty fun and scenic. For the best views of Mount Vesuvius and the Amalfi Coast, sit on the left.

Another option is to book a private transfer by speedboat from Naples or a private transfer from Rome

Many people find it easiest to get to Capri on a guided tour from Sorrento or a guided tour from Naples. Then, you don’t have to worry about ferry and transportation logistics or getting around the island on your own.

majolica bench in the Gardens of Augustus
majolica bench in the Gardens of Augustus

2. How To Get Around Capri

You’ll arrive in Marina Grande.

The Funicolare di Capri, a charming funicular railway, links the marina with Capri Town. It’s on the western side of the port, offering easy access.

In addition to the funicular, you have the choice of taxis and SPICC buses to navigate the island.

Taxi stands are conveniently located at the marina. The bus system is also very easy to navigate and inexpensive. But you should expect long lines in high season.

Another good option is to rent a scooter for the day. You can cover a lot of ground with a scooter without waiting for transport.

Hotel Cesare Augustus
Hotel Cesare Augustus

3. Where To Stay In Capri

If you decide to stay overnight, you’ll want to stay either in or around Capri Town or Anacapri. The top hotels are:

I stayed at the Hotel Caesar Augustus near Anacapri and couldn’t have been happier.

wisteria pergola on Via Matermania
wisteria pergola on Via Matermania near Capri Town

4. When To Visit Capri

Capri stands among the world’s most breathtaking destinations IF the weather aligns favorably. Rainy or foggy conditions may obscure the island’s beauty. So, sunny skies are the ultimate companion for your visit.

On my most recent sojourn in early May, we had fluctuating weather conditions and some fog. A local guide shared that spring’s arrival appears to be tardier with each passing year.

With this in mind, targeting a trip for late May or the transitional periods of September and early October may be the best.

During the summer months, you’ll have mega crowds. This is high season. Winter brings cooler temperatures and certain closures that might affect your plans.

Capri Town
Capri Town

5. Is One Day In Capri Enough?

One day is Capri is not enough to see everything. The island is fairly big and the attractions are spread out.

But it’s enough to pick and choose some highlights to see and have a great one day in Capri or day trip to Capri. If you have more time, you can check out my 2 days in Capri itinerary.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my one day in Capri, itinerary and day trip guide.

enjoying the views in Anacapri
enjoying the views in Anacapri

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