Exploring Casa Amatller: A Jewel of Barcelona’s Modernist Architecture

Casa Amatller is a standout piece of Barcelona’s architectural scene, right next to the famous Casa Batlló on Passeig de Gràcia.

Designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch, it mixes Gothic and Flemish styles, creating a facade that’s really eye-catching. Its unique stepped gable roof is a rare sight in Spanish architecture!

Inside, the mix of sculptures, stained glass, and ceramics makes it feel like you’re stepping into a vibrant piece of art.

In this guide to Casa Amatller, I’ll tell you everything to see inside and give you tips for visiting.

facade of Casa Amatller

The casa is well worth a visit. I totally enjoyed the experience!

Quick Tips

  • you can only visit on a guided tour
  • they start every hour and you can book a tour in advance
  • plan to spend an hour+
  • be sure to browse in the chocolate shop
  • you’ll need to wear booties
  • combine it with a visit to Casa Batllo next door

Overview & Mini History

Casa Amatller is located on the prestigious Passeig de Gràcia. This tony area is also known as the “Block of Discord.”

There were three pretty Modernist buildings on the tony Passeig de Gràcia, all vying for the title of the fairest.

The competition among owners and their respective architects was fierce. Built between 1898-1906, each one tried to better the last one built. They all had disparate Modernist styles.

face of Casa Amatller

Most people think that Casa Batllo won the competition simply for its over-the-top dragon themed facade. But Casa Amatller is also gorgeous.

Puig I Cadafalch created the design. It’s possibly his most exuberant creation in Barcelona.

Casa Amatller was commissioned by Antoni Amatller, a prominent chocolatier and arts patron. It was completed in 1900 and served as the residence of Antoni and his daughter Theresa.

Unlike Casa Batllo, the casa has original period furnishings, which is a huge selling point in my opinion.

The museum opened in 2014 and is run by the Amatller Foundation.

When you walk inside, you can buy tickets and begin your tour on the right near the monumental staircase. Further back is a space for temporary art exhibits.

St. George and the dragon sculpture
St. George and the dragon

Guide To Casa Amatller: What To See

Here’s a quick overview of the highlights of a visit to Casa Amatller.


The facade is a dreamy mix of Moorish and Gothic style, layered with decorative elements and loads of symbolism.

The twin entrance has different sized doorways.

They are dripping with sculptures, including St. George and the dragon, the patron saint of Catalonia, and a woman in Art Nouveau style. They were created by Eusebi Arnau.

Gothic windows of the casa

Topping the building is a gabled conceit that looks like something you’d see in Amsterdam. It’s coated in shiny ceramics.

Notice the many layers of the letter “A” for Amalttler.

The house itself with its gable forms an A. The decorative frieze over the bay window is another A. Within that frieze, As sprout from branches.

The smaller windows show off the hobbies of the Amatller clan. Little animals hold an early camera. There’s also an open book and amphora jug.

the staircase where the tour starts
this is where the tour starts


Inside, the perfectly restored Casa Amatller is castle-like. You can visit the main floor.

The walls are covered with etched plaster decorations, French wallpaper, and elaborate tile work.

As with the facade, there are humorous sculptures throughout the house. 

Many of the walls have gorgeous sgraffito.

This involves applying layers of plaster tinted in contrasting colors to a wall or other surface. Then, while the plaster is still wet, it’s engraved to reveal the layer underneath, creating a distinctive two-tone pattern.

stained glass skylight
stained glass skylight

Staircase & Stained Glass Skylight

The staircase is a masterpiece in itself.

It’s adorned with elaborate tiles, Gothic tracery windows, sculptural elements, and stained glass, creating a dramatic ascent to the upper floors.

The skylight is a gorgeous piece, in vibrant colors depicting flowers and clovers.

You can start by watching a short video in the guest room. It’s a beauty with a Moorish arched doorway and elegant wallpaper with nature motifs.

Dining Room

The dining room is probably the most gorgeous room. You enter through heavy wood carved doors with a Moorish design.

The rooms is full of original furnishing, which you can’t touch!

The ceiling is painted timber. Above the table is a spectacular chandelier with hanging stained glass discs.

The fireplace is likewise impressive. It has carvings of two princesses. A carved allegory of plenty is also above the door.

Beautiful stained glass windows run along one wall, giving views.

Theresa Amatller’s Bedroom & Sitting Room

You can see Ms Amatller’s sewing room, sitting room, and dressing room.

The woodwork is incredible and along the corridors you have views of the Passaic de Gracia.

The bedroom contains Art Nouveau furnishings. It’s a monochromatic beauty with an intricate tiled floor and painted coffered ceiling.

The sitting room is different than the rest of the house. Theresa renovated it in an Art Deco style, with gleaming mahogany.

ceiling in Theresa's bedroom
ceiling in Theresa’s bedroom

Antoni Amatller’s Bedroom

This bedroom is dark and moodily Gothic. It’s all dark woods and dark red walls.

You will find items from his travels and portraits.

And there is a small exhibit of antique glass in the center. Antoni was an avid collector.


The study is another gorgeous room. It has a painted beamed ceiling with Moorish designs and sfgratto. Stained glass covers the walls.

The floor is inlaid with sunflower mosaic tiles from Seville. And another stained glass chandelier hangs from the ceiling.

Completing the museum path are the bathrooms, the kitchen and corridors, all richly decorated.

Practical Guide & Tips For Casa Amatller

Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 41

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 10:30 am to 8:30 pm. Try to plan an early morning or late afternoon visit.


21 euros. Click here to pre-book a tour.

You can also visit with an audio guide for 17 €. But you will be accompanied at all times by a guide.

In the summer, you can book a nighttime visit, which includes cava in the garden.


Pro Tips:

You’ll have to check any large handbag or backpack. You can polish off your visit with a hot chocolate at the indoor/outdoor cafe.

Is Casa Amatller Worth Visiting?

For me, 100% yes. It’s nice to see a work of Modernism from someone besides Antoni Gaudi.

And the interior is simply stunning with all the period furnishings, tile work, stained glass, and sfgratto. It’s a completely different experience than seeing Casa Batllo, which is spare inside.

Casa Amatller is sometimes overlooked because of Casa Batllo. But it’s even prettier inside and there aren’t vast crowds.


sculpture in the study

I hope you’ve enjoyed my guide to Casa Amatller. You may find these other Barcelona travel guides useful:

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