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Europe is my favorite place to travel in the world. It's packed with history, romance, and incredible art and architecture. Europe is a fantastic place to kick start your travel bucket list. Europe is dominated by beautiful and incredibly popular tourist destinations like ParisLondonMunich, Venice, Rome, Barcelona, Florence, and more. On this site, you'll find travel inspiration, itineraries, tips, city guides, and museum guides.

Europe Tips & Destinations Inspiration

✔  Europe City Guides — If you’re looking for the best things to do in Europe’s must see cities, I have detailed step by step city itinerary and travel guides for:


Barcelona (3 days)

Barcelona (1 day)

Bilbao (2 days)

Budapest (3 days)

Central Europe (10 days)

Dubrovnik (2 days)

 Florence (3 days)

• Lisbon (4 days)

 London (5 days)

Madrid (2 days)

• Milan (1 day)

• Munich (1 day)

• Munich (4 days)

 Paris ( 3 days)
 Paris (5 days)

Pisa (1 day)

• Rome (5 days)

 Rome (3 days)
Seville (3 days)
Siena (1 day)

Venice (2 days)

 Vienna (3 days)

✔  Europe Museums Guides — As a museum fan of the highest order, I’ve written dozens and dozens of guides for museums. For me, art is everything. If it is for you too, you can check out my guides for the best museums in Paris, RomeLondon, Florence, Spain, and Italy. I also have guides for some of the world's best museums -- the Louvre, the Vatican Museums, the Borghese Gallery, the Musee d'Orsay, the Uffizi Gallery, and Prado.


✔  Europe Virtually — Can’t get to Europe right now, but would like to travel to Europe virtually online from home? I so, I’ve got you covered with an array of inspiring virtual tours to Europe’s hotspot cities and countries: Paris, France, Barcelona, Lisbon, London, Rome, and Venice. Need virtual museums? I have guides to online museums in Paris, Italy, Spain, and a massive guide of 50 world class museums that you can visit online. Click here for all my online virtual tours.



✔  Europe City Tips — Sometimes you need a definitive list of tips to get around a country or city. I've written tips for traveling in Germany, Italy, Seville, Budapest, Lisbon, Sintra, Rome, Florence, Milan, and Paris.

✔  Europe Road Trip Itineraries — Europe is a fantastic place to road trip. Road tripping allows you to visit off the beaten path destinations more easily and work in side trips en route between major stops. Some of my favorite road trips include 7 to 10 day itineraries for:


Bavaria Germany

 Central Europe (eight 1 week itineraries)

Croatia + Slovenia


Germany's Romantic Road

Danube River

 Northern Spain

 Southern Spain

 Basque Spain

Spain: Madrid to Seville

Spain: Barcelona to Bilbao

Spain: Six 1 Week Itineraries

Spain: Major Cities

 Southern France



 Portugal + Spain

Italy's Classic Cities 

 11 One Week in Italy Itineraries

Italy: Milan to Rome

Italy: Venice to Milan
























✔  Europe Tourist Traps — Hate tourist traps? I know I do. I tend to love the hidden gems in Europe. But sometimes you need to know whether a destination billed as a "must see site" is really worth it or not. To help you along, I've written guides to the skippable crowd infested tourist sites in London, Paris, and Lisbon.

✔  Europe Hidden Gems — Europe is perhaps at its sweetest when you can experience the secret spots and hidden gems. You can fall back in time without the crowds. If you like more off the radar destinations, I've written "hidden gems" guides for some of my favorite spots in Europe: Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Lisbon, Provence, and Florence. I've also written about 25 secret towns in France and 33 secret towns in Spain.

✔  Landmarks in Europe — Europe has some of the world's most historic landmarks and UNESCO sites. If you need some destination inspiration, check out these guides:


• 45 best UNESCO Sites in Europe

• Famous landmarks in Spain

• Famous landmarks in Barcelona

• Famous landmarks in Italy

• Famous landmarks in Portugal

Famous landmarks in France

Famous landmarks in Germany

✔  Artist Trails in Europe — If you like to travel with a theme, I've written a series of artist trails you can discover in Europe:

Michelangelo Trail in Florence

Leonardo da Vinci Trail in Milan

Piero della Francesco Trail in Italy

Andrea del Verrocchio's Art in Florence

Caravaggio Trail in Rome

Bernini Trail in Rome

Leonardo da Vinci's Paintings

Botticelli Trail in Florence

Artemisia Gentileschi Paintings

Raphael's Most Famous Paintings

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