Guide To London’s Handel Hendrix House, Where Baroque Meets Rock ‘n Roll

The Handel-Hendrix House in London is an extremely unique museum. It’s the home and creative space of two of the greatest musicians ever to live in London … 200 years apart. They were strange bedfellows — George Frideric Handel, the Baroque composer, and Jimi Hendrix, the rock guitar virtuoso. Handel lived in #23 from 1723 … Read more

Inside Kensington Palace, The Complete Guide

Kensington Palace is a historic treasure trove steeped in over 300 years of royal history. Nestled amidst the lush Kensington Gardens, the palace has witnessed countless tales of love, power, and intrigue. The Stuart monarchs, King William III and Queen Mary II, acquired the country estate in the late 17th century and transformed it into … Read more

Guide To London’s Apsley House, A Hidden Gem For History & Art Lovers

Apsley House is the only aristocratic mansion in London open to the public. It’s the historic home of the Duke of Wellington, the “Iron Duke.” After beating Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, he became the most famous man in Europe. Riches were showered upon him for keeping England English instead of French. With them, … Read more

Guide To Windsor Castle, Day Trip From London

Windsor Castle is a striking 11th century castle that’s the official home of the royal family. The palace is the longest occupied royal residence in the world. It’s been the symbol of the monarchy for 1,000 years. At the castle, you can see the sprawling grounds, take the “long walk,” admire lavish staterooms, and visit … Read more

History Of St. Peter’s Basilica, Building The World’s Most Famous Church

St. Peter’s Basilica is the most famous church in Christendom. It took 8 different architects and 120 years to build.  The basilica is a stunning example of Renaissance and Baroque architecture. Its immense size, classical design, and intricate detailing make it a masterpiece of human achievement. The current basilica was built between 1505 and 1626. … Read more

Nutshell History Of Pompeii

Pompeii, a UNESCO-listed site near Naples, was once a bustling ancient Roman city. However, in 79 A.D., it met a tragic fate when Mount Vesuvius erupted, burying it under superheated ash and debris. Rediscovered centuries later, Pompeii provides a special window into the daily life, art, and architecture of ancient Rome. But what is the … Read more

Guide To St. Peter’s Basilica: 20 Top Things To See

St. Peter’s Basilica is the most famous church in Christendom. Designed by Bramante, Raphael, and Michelangelo, it’s a true Renaissance masterpiece. It may be the most ornate space you’ve ever stepped foot inside, filled with an intense visual array of precious treasures and grandiose decoration. St. Peter’s Basilica was completed after 120+ years of construction, … Read more

Guide To The Guildhall Art Gallery, London Hidden Gem

The Guildhall Art Gallery houses the City of London’s art collection. Opened in 1886, it’s located in the Square Mile, the historic and financial district of the city. The Guildhall aims to be a gallery “about London for London.” The collection consists of 4,00 artworks (oil paintings, drawings, sculptures). It’s particularly rich in Victorian era … Read more

20+ Top Attractions On The Danube River, What To See

Planning a cruise or road trip along the Danube River and wondering what to do and see? The Danube River is a venerable piece of geography. Napoleon dubbed it “the king of the rivers of Europe.” It’s the second longest river in Europe, running through 10 countries. The blue-green river alley is dotted with gorgeous … Read more