Guide To Lascaux IV: What To See + Tips

horse and bull face off in the Axial Gallery

Lascaux is the world’s most important painted cave. Discovered in 1940, it’s dubbed the “Sistine Chapel of Prehistory.” The cave paintings date back to around 18,000 B.C., offering a fascinating glimpse into Paleolithic life from 21,000 years ago. They effectively serve as an ancient wildlife encyclopedia. To understand its age, consider that the Great Pyramid … Read more

Guide To Park Güell: What To See + Tips

Park Güell offers a surreal outdoor experience in a city full of architectural wonders. It’s Antoni Gaudí at his most imaginative and creative. Originally intended as a residential area and playground for the wealthy, the project never fully materialized. Gaudi built the infrastructure. But after 14 years, the plan was abandoned when the rich never … Read more

10 Days In Spain Itinerary, A Classic Route From Madrid To Seville

Thinking about a classic Spanish road trip? Check out this 10-day itinerary from Madrid to Seville. This popular route is packed with exciting cities, charming medieval villages, stunning Moorish architecture, UNESCO landmarks, and plenty of old-world Spanish charm. The adventure starts in Madrid, Spain’s vibrant capital and ends in Andalusia. From the flamboyant streets of … Read more

What To Do In Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

The Gothic Quarter is the heart of Barcelona, filled with history and charm. It’s a lively maze of narrow, winding streets that connect various squares. Here, you’ll find Roman ruins, medieval monuments, beautiful churches, and cobbled lanes — a visual feast at every turn. This quarter is where Barcelona began, originally the Roman village of … Read more

Perfect 3 Days In Barcelona Itinerary, For First Timers

Barcelona is rich in historic sites, with some of the world’s most unique and surrealistic architecture. The city is bordered on one side by mountains and the other by miles of golden sand beaches. Barcelona’s heritage ranges from Roman ruins to state of the art contemporary architecture to a good dose of Gothic and Art … Read more

Exploring Casa Amatller: A Jewel of Barcelona’s Modernist Architecture

facade of Casa Amatller

Casa Amatller is a standout piece of Barcelona’s architectural scene, right next to the famous Casa Batlló on Passeig de Gràcia. Designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch, it mixes Gothic and Flemish styles, creating a facade that’s really eye-catching. Its unique stepped gable roof is a rare sight in Spanish architecture! Inside, the mix of … Read more