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Bella Italia! Italy is one of my favorite countries, a dream destination I could return to time and time again. Italy has Europe's richest and most ancient culture. After all, Italy is the cradle of European civilization — founded by the Roman Empire and embellished by the Roman Catholic Church. 


As you explore Italy, you'll confront some of the world's most iconic monuments -- Roman ruins, UNESCO sites, Renaissance masterpieces, and elegant medieval towns. But you'll also find jaw dropping landscapes and magical seaside hamlets.


Endlessly inspiring and ethereal, Rome is the magical mecca of carbs and ancient architecture. It's a grand showcase of Western civilization, full of Imperial pomp and circumstance. Rome has spent centuries accumulating layers of beauty, history, and romance -- just waiting for its admirers to arrive.


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Florence is an overwhelmingly beautiful city, the "Cradle of the Renaissance." With the best Medieval and Renaissance art in Europe, Florence is a veritable art lovers paradise. 


Florence is a city that's alive, sensual, and romantic. You can be seduced by Botticelli and awed by Michelangelo, in a time tunnel experience. Not surprisingly, Florence's entire city center is a designated UNESCO site. You can visit frescoed churches, majestic cathedrals, elegant palaces and piazzas, and world class museums.

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ponte vecchio Florence


The floating city of Venice is truly unique. It's one of the world's most beautiful and captivating cities, a natural movie set. No other place looks quite like it. Venice is a city built on water that shouldn't exist in real life.


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Milan is an amazing destination in northern Italy. It's a vibrant and exciting modern city, the thriving finance and fashion capitol of Italy. Milan has personality, combining old world charm and modern "bright lights, big city" flair in compelling fashion. You can't help but be dazzled by Milan's architecture, historic sites, iconic art, and culinary specialities. Leonard da Vinci lived in Milan for almost 20 years, beautifying it along the way.

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