Guide To the Amazing Notre Dames Outside Paris: the “Other Notre Dames” in France

Did you known there were other Notre Dames in France? And some of them right outside Paris? Here’s my guide to 5 must see churches outside Paris that are famous must see landmarks and attractions in France. On April 15, 2019, when the namesake Notre Dame burned in Paris, I cried. The world cried with … Read more

Finding Villanelle: Guide To Killing Eve Filming Locations in Paris

“I promise I won’t be naughty.” — Villanelle Here’s my complete guide to the must see Killing Eve filming locations in Paris France. The intriguing star of Killing Eve is Villanelle. Villanelle’s a complex character with wicked smiles and catlike features. A Russian assassin with a killer sense of style. Jodie Comer stars as Oksana Astankova in … Read more

Guide To the Delightfully Eccentric Salvador Dalì Theatre-Museum in Figueres Spain

“I will be a genius, and the world will admire me.” — Salvador Dali, age 16 Here’s my guide to the Dalì Theater and Museum, or Teatro-Museo Dalí, in Figueres Spain. It’s one of Spain’s best small museums. It’s eccentric. But then so is its namesake, the famed Surrealist artist Salvador Dalì. When one thinks … Read more

Guide To the UNESCO-Listed Šibenik Cathedral in Croatia

Situated on a sheltered bay, between Split and Zadar, tranquil Šibenik is a hidden gem in Croatia. You can stroll its labyrinth of stony alleyways and visit a must see piece of Gothic-Renaissance architecture: the UNESCO-listed St. James Cathedral. The gleaming white building is the beating heart of sleepy Šibenik. History of Šibenik Šibenik is … Read more

Gaudí’s First House, the Regal Casa Vicens in Barcelona

Here’s my guide to visiting Casa Vicens, a magnificent Antoni Gaudi creation in Barcelona Spain. The vivacious Casa Vicens splashed onto the Gaudi tourist circuit in Barcelona in November 2017. The UNESCO-listed Casa Vicens opened its flamboyant doors to the public after 130 years of private ownership and a massive renovation. It’s an intense burst … Read more

Guide To Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Masterpiece

“No house should ever be on a hill or on anything. It should be of the hill. Belonging to it. Hill and house should live together each the happier for it.” — Frank Lloyd Wright Here’s my complete guide to visiting Fallingwater, a new Frank Lloyd Wright UNESCO site in Pennsylvania. Fallingwater is nestled in … Read more

Achoo in Paris’ Fragonard Perfume Museum

I grew up at a time when girls were supposed to wear perfume. I never did. I used to dread department stores. It was virtually impossible to avoid the cosmetic section. Perfectly coiffed and high heeled ladies would bustle toward me with their perfume nozzles, and I would flee. I don’t think it’s an allergy … Read more

Guide To Predjama Castle: Slovenia’s Fairytale Cave Castle

If a medieval fairytale type castle is one your agenda, look no further. Less than an hour from lovely Ljubljana Slovenia lies one of Europe’s most dramatic castles, Predjama Castle. Predjama Castle is a must see site in Slovenia, and one of the country’s most popular attractions. Tucked into the mouth of a towering cliff, … Read more