The Perfect 3 Days in Florence Itinerary

Wondering how to spend a few days in Florence? Here’s my detailed 3 day itinerary for visiting the overwhelmingly beautiful city of Florence Italy. Florence is known as the “Cradle of the Renaissance.” With the best Medieval and Renaissance art in Europe, Florence is a veritable art lovers paradise. This 3 days in Florence itinerary … Read more

23 Hidden Gems and Unusual Things To Do In Florence

Here’s my guide to the best hidden gems and secret spots in Florence Italy. As the “Cradle of the Renaissance,” Florence is one of Europe’s most beautiful and busiest cities. More than 4 million visitors descend on Florence annually, lured by spectacular art and architecture. If you’re only in Florence for a few days, you … Read more

2 Days In The Val d’Orcia Itinerary

Here’s my 2 day itinerary for visiting Italy’s stunning Val d’Orcia region. The Val d’Orcia is a valley in the heart of Tuscany that’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s the perfect place to spend a weekend enjoying a breathtaking pastoral countryside. The Val d’Orcia is a place where history meets beauty. The area offers up … Read more

One Week In Tuscany Itinerary, 7 Perfect Days

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One Day Itinerary For Siena Italy, a Rose-Toned Medieval Gem

Here’s my one day in Siena itinerary. This Siena itinerary covers all the top must visit attractions, landmarks, museums, and destinations in Siena in 24 hours. But just to be clear, under no circumstances do I recommend spending only 1 day in beautiful rose-hued Siena. Absolutely, positively, not recommended.  Gorgeous Siena is one of the best … Read more

Visitor’s Guide To the Medici Palaces in Florence Italy

Planning a trip to Florence Italy? The three palaces of the Medici family are among Florence’s top attractions. The Medici were the most celebrated family of the Renaissance era. Florence is synonymous with the Medici and the Medici is synonymous with Florence. Everything the Medici owned, created, and commissioned is gorgeous. If you’re an art … Read more

The Best 2 Days In Florence Itinerary

So you’re planning a trip to Florence? Welcome to one of my favorite small cities. To help you have the best experience, I’ve put together a step-by-step 2 days in Florence itinerary. Two days in Florence isn’t much time. But, with some advance planning and ambition, you can spend a wonderful weekend there. This Florence … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Florence’s Uffizi Gallery: History, Masterpieces & Essential Tips

Here’s my complete guide to visiting Florence’s beloved Uffizi Gallery.  The Uffizi is one of the world’s best classical museums. People come in droves to the Uffizi to see history’s greatest hits, from when Florence was the cultural and artistic center of the world. The Uffizi is the third most visited attraction in Italy. And … Read more

Visitor’s Guide to Florence’s Stunning Opera del Duomo Museum

Here’s my guide to an absolute must visit museum in Florence, the Duomo Museum. It’s officially called the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo or “OPA.” This translates to the museum of the cathedral’s building or works committee. The Duomo Museum is a fabulous treasure box of sculpture. It boasts an unparalleled collection of Medieval and early … Read more