20+ Top Attractions On The Danube River, What To See

Planning a cruise or road trip along the Danube River and wondering what to do and see? The Danube River is a venerable piece of geography. Napoleon dubbed it “the king of the rivers of Europe.” It’s the second longest river in Europe, running through 10 countries. The blue-green river alley is dotted with gorgeous … Read more

The Best Museums In Vienna Austria

When it comes to art and culture, Vienna is seriously underrated. The city is home to some amazing museums. The collections are a testament to Vienna’s rich artistic heritage and historical significance. During six centuries of Hapsburg rule, Vienna attracted some of the greatest artists of the time. But Vienna’s museums aren’t all staid pomp … Read more

Guide To The Empress Sisi Museum In Vienna

The Sisi Museum is a charmingly small and intimate space within Hofburg Palace. It’s dedicated to the fascinating life of Empress Elisabeth, consort of Emperor Franz Joseph. The Sisi Museum made its debut in 2004. It’s a chic and somewhat cult-like atmosphere dedicated to the devoted fans of Empress Elisabeth. This unique museum sheds light … Read more

Guide To Austria’s UNESCO-Listed Wachau Valley: What To See

Nestled in the heart of the Austrian Danube, the Wachau Valley is a picturesque 24 mile stretch extending from Krems to Melk. You can explore it by car, bicycle, or on a leisurely cruise. This Wachau Valley is irresistible charming. It’s adorned with the remnants of ancient castle ruins and fortresses and dotted with charming … Read more

Guide To The Belvedere Palace, Home To Klimt’s The Kiss

The Belvedere Palace is one of Vienna’s top attractions. It’s an important UNESCO site for its showy architectural ensemble and impeccably sculpted grounds. The palace often draw comparisons to Versailles. The Belvedere’s a haven of Baroque and Austrian art from the 19th and 20th centuries. Its main claim to fame is the world’s largest collection … Read more

Kiss It! Where To Find Gustav Klimt’s Paintings In Vienna

Are you an art lover who can’t get enough of Gustav Klimt’s gold-toned Art Nouveau paintings? As Austria’s most famous painter, Klimt is renowned for his intoxicating and sensual portraits of women. His connection to Vienna runs deep, as he was born, worked, and died in the city. In this guide, you’ll get a short … Read more

30+ Beautiful Small Cities In Europe

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Eight Amazing One Week Itineraries for Central Europe

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Guide To Melk Abbey, Austria’s Baroque Blockbuster

Beaming like a golden halo over the tiny village of Melk stands Austria’s prettiest church: Melk Abbey. It’s a must see attraction in Austria, especially if you’re on the UNESCO trail. Its elegant yellow buildings form one of the most important landmarks and religious complexes in Europe. It’s definitely Austria’s blockbuster Baroque ensemble. I find … Read more