25 Must Visit Museums In Rome Italy

Rome is a cultural wonderland, brimming with artistic riches. Nearly every street leads to a museum, each offering a unique glimpse into different eras and styles. From ancient masterpieces to contemporary works, there’s something to please every kind of art lover. In this guide, you’ll get an overview of the 25 best museums in Rome … Read more

Guide To Rome’s Capitoline Museums, A Remarkable Collection of Antiquities

Are you planning a visit to the Capitoline Museums in Rome and have a passion for Greco-Roman sculpture? This museum is a top destination for anyone looking to delve into the ancient world, and I’ve got the perfect guide for your visit. Situated on the prime real estate of the Piazza dei Campidoglio on Capitoline … Read more

Guide To The House Of Augustus On Palatine Hill

The House of Augustus was the home of Rome’s first emperor Augustus. It stands as a symbol of the transition of Rome from a republic to an imperial empire. The House of Augustus opened in 2014 after decades of excavation. The site is basically a “new attraction,” only open on a limited basis only with … Read more

Guide To Palazzo Spada & The Borromini Perspective Gallery

Palazzo Spada is a magnificent Renaissance palace named after Cardinal Bernardino Spada. The cardinal purchased the palace in 1632. He hired famed architect Francesco Borromini to transform the building to beautiful effect. If you’re wondering whether the off the beaten path Palazzo Spada is worth a visit, the answer is yes — especially if you’ve … Read more

Guide To Palazzo Colonna: A Baroque Jewel Hidden In The Heart of Rome

Palazzo Colonna was built between 1650 and 1700 to house the Colonna family’s art collection. It’s a Baroque masterpiece stuffed full of art and frescos. You’ve likely never heard of Palazzo Colonna. But if you’d like to have an aristocratic private palace all to yourself in Rome (who wouldn’t?), this is the place. The noble … Read more

Guide To The Treasures Of The Pitti Palace in Florence Italy

If you’re planning a trip to Florence, be sure to include a visit to the magnificent Pitti Palace on your itinerary. This guide will give you an overview of 20 must see masterpieces and famous paintings in the palace. The Pitti Palace is truly one of Florence’s must see sites, offering visitors a wonderful and … Read more

Guide To the Vatican Pinacoteca: Masterpieces + Tips

Here’s my guide to visiting the Vatican Pinacoteca, which is the Vatican’s picture gallery. It’s one of the world’s best small museums. In this guide, I identify 18 must see masterpieces in the Vatican Pinacoteca and give you tips for visiting the renowned, but largely secret, art gallery. More than 7 million people visit the … Read more

20+ Hidden Gems Of The Vatican

Are you a repeat visitor to the Vatican looking for some more unusual things to see? If so, here’s my guide to 21 hidden gems in the Vatican Museums. The Vatican Museums are an expansive and famous collection of 26 separate museums, with over 70,000 art works adorning their walls. Even with multiple visits, it’s … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Rome’s Borghese Gallery: Masterpieces & Tips

The Borghese Gallery houses a jaw dropping art collection in a luxurious garden villa. It’s rich in ancient Roman, Renaissance, and Baroque pieces. It houses works from the greatest artists of the time, including Titian, Caravaggio, Raphael, Rubens, and Canova. The collection is housed in sumptuous palace. Its splendidly decorated marble rooms and frescoed ceilings. … Read more

Ultimate Guide To The Vatican Museums: Masterpieces & Tips

The Vatican holds one of the world’s greatest art collections. Some of the most famous art works on the planet are there. If you’re an art or history lover, the Vatican is a must see site in Rome. But the Vatican is a vast and intimidating place. You could easily stare in awe at the … Read more