The Infamous Frank Lloyd Wright: A Modern Day Henry VIII

American architect Frank Lloyd Wright was a lusty egomaniac with a god complex. He was an outright cad and ludicrously vainglorious. He reminds me of England’s 16th century monarch, King Henry VIII — famous for his girth, many wives, and bloodthirstiness. Except Wright didn’t have the imprimatur of an official crown. He just crowned himself. … Read more

Guide To Paris’ Beautifully Curated Rodin Museum

Here’s my guide to visiting the spectacular Rodin Museum in Paris. Opened in 1919, the Rodin Museum is a shrine to the complex life and oeuvre of one of France’s most revered artists, Auguste Rodin. The Rodin Museum is one of the best small museums in Paris. I give you an overview of Rodin’s life. … Read more

Guide To the Victor Hugo Museum In Paris

“To err is human, to stroll is Parisian” — Victor Hugo If you’re obsessed with Victor Hugo and the grandeur of Les Miserables, you aren’t alone. To the French, Hugo is the equivalent of Shakespeare and is the “Father of the French Republic.” The first stop for any romantically-inclined Hugophile in Paris is undoubtedly the … Read more

A Rainy Day Visit To The German National Museum in Nuremberg Germany

Here’s my guide to visiting the German National Museum in Nuremberg Germany. Weather can be tricky in Germany in the fall. It’s irritatingly unpredictable. I was in Germany during an unexpected fall “freeze,” when the weather flip flopped 30 degrees in a day or two. That’s a bit hard to bear now, isn’t it? Having … Read more

Guide To The UNESCO-Listed Wurzburg Residence, The “German Versailles”

The Würzburg Residence is a must see UNESCO World Heritage Site where you’ll step into a world of opulence and history. With resplendent interiors, lush gardens, and a rich cultural legacy, is one of Europe’s most important Baroque palaces. Wurzburg is a small town in northern Bavaria. But there’s nothing “small town” about its vast … Read more

Guide To the Adorable Hohenschwangau Castle, a Hidden Gem in Bavaria Germany

Here’s my guide to visiting Hohenschwangau Castle in Bavaria Germany. Truth time. I might have enjoyed touring the operatic and ochre-hued Hohenschwangau Castle more than its decidedly more famous next door neighbor, Neuschwanstein Castle. As the neglected stepchild of Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau is effectively a hidden gem in Bavaria. Neuschwanstein Castle is more glamorous and gaudy, … Read more

3 Great Restaurants For Dinner In Montreal

On my recent solo geographical cure, I visited Montreal during the week in mid-September. That time frame meant I didn’t have to make reservations at Montreal’s trendy new restaurants. Provided I arrived reasonably early. I’ve gotten used to eating solo. I often sit at the bar. But I don’t mind. As long as the food … Read more

Guide To the Chateau Ramezay in Montreal

You can’t help but stumble upon the lovely Chateau Ramezay, must see destination in Vieux Montreal. It’s on the main drag and across the street from the City Hall. If you’re a history buff, it’s definitely worth an inspection. Built in 1705, the chateau is an architectural gem of the ancien régime. It tells the … Read more

What To Expect on a Delicious Secret Food Tour in Montreal

Here’s my guide to taking a Secret Food Tour in Montreal Canada. Montreal is known as a foodie city — home to tasty bagels, luscious pastries, trendy restaurants, and inventive cafes. I’ve also heard it called “Sin City,” perhaps a reference to the gluttony and excess of its food scene. While I was there, I … Read more