Visitor’s Guide To Skara Brae: The Scottish Pompeii

“On the far curving shore of the bay lies Skara Brae, hazy through the sea-haar.” — George Mackay Brown Here’s my guide to visiting the archaeological site of Skara Brae in northern Scotland. Skara Brae is a 5,000 year old gift from the past — the Neolithic settlement of Skara Brae. It’s located in Scotland’s … Read more

A Bodice Ripping Love Story At Portugal’s Alcobaça Monastery

The mere mention of Alcobaça Monastery in Portugal conjures a mini history lesson on one of Europe’s oldest and best UNESCO sites. Alcobaça is a 12th century masterpiece of Gothic Cistercian art, after all. Its vaunted architecture and history make it a must see site on a tour of Portugal. But that’s the topic of … Read more

Guide To Almeria Alcazaba, A Moorish UNESCO Fortress in Andalusia

Planning a trip in southern Spain? If you can’t resist an imposing Moorish fortress, here’s my guide to the Almeria Alcazaba.Snuggled away on the southeast corner of Spain’s Mediterranean coast, Almeria is a hidden gem in Andalucia. It’s a rough Andalusian beauty with a magnificent well-preserved fortress. The 1430 meter walled fortress is part of … Read more

Visitor’s Guide to the Royal Alcazar of Seville

Here’s my guide to visiting the magnificent Royal Alcazar in Seville Spain. I give you an overview and history of the complex, tell you what to see inside, and give you must know tips for visiting. The sultry Real Alcázar de Sevilla, or Royal Alcázar, is one of Spain’s most famous landmarks. It’s undoubtedly the … Read more

The Incredibly Scenic Golden Circle Tour in Iceland

Iceland is known as a supercharged landscape of icy lava fields, soaring waterfalls, and bursting geysers. Basically, a theater for natural beauty, a Nordic nirvana. I had just landed in Reykjavik with family and friends, after cruising through Norway. Norway’s natural scenery had been stunning, eliciting a bursting-out-of- your-chest feeling of wonder. I’m not usually … Read more

Guide To Kotor Montenegro: It’s The Cat’s Meow

Here’s my guide to visiting the beautiful town of Kotor Montenegro. Set in the fjord-like Bay of Kotor, jaw dropping Kotor is less a town than a labyrinth of narrow cobbled passageways, filled mostly with cats, who sprawl across the doors of lovely Romanesque churches and snuggle in tourists’ laps. Kotor’s one of Europe’s most … Read more

Top Attractions In Albi France, A Heady Blend of Art and Architecture

Planning a trip to southern France? Here’s my guide to the top attractions in Albi, one of my favorite towns in the Occitanie region of France. This guide covers all the best thing to see and do in Albi — the must see sites, attractions, and landmarks. Situated on the Tarn River, Albi is a … Read more

Reliving the Gore and Glory on a Game of Thrones Tour in Dubrovnik

Here’s my guide to taking a Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik Croatia. it tells you everything you’ll see and what to expect. Fairytale Dubrovnik is divine. It has a striking old town, a perfect setting on the turquoise blue Adriatic sea, an impressive mountain backdrop, and some serious landmarks. Its walls are one of … Read more