One Week In Tuscany Itinerary, 7 Perfect Days

Imagine rolling hills with vineyards and olive groves, picturesque hilltop towns bathed in golden sunlight – that’s Tuscany for you. This beautiful region is the epitome of la dolce vita. No other region has Tuscany’s perfect and immeasurably rich combination of medieval villages, art-filled cities, wine, and a sublime pastoral landscape. To help you navigate … Read more

Ultimate 2 Days In Florence Itinerary

Florence is simply iconic. It’s a city that has served as both the star and backdrop to some of the greatest moments in history and Renaissance art. Whether you’re a lover of museums, a foodie, a history buff, an architecture enthusiast, or just someone who enjoys wandering through the winding streets of an ancient city, … Read more

The Ultimate 10 Days In Italy Itinerary, For First Timers

There’s nowhere more romantic (or popular) than Italy. The word “Italy” conjures visions of crumbling Roman ruins, rolling cypress-studded landscapes, and secret canals. Italy is rich in history, culture, and food. Italy’s magnificent cities boast some of the world’s best churches, palaces, museums, and historic sites. Rome, Florence, and Venice shine as hubs of stunning … Read more

Florence Art Bucket List: 30 Famous Paintings in Florence

Looking to discover the most famous paintings in Florence Italy? You’ve come to the right place! The city of Florence is the cradle of art in the Western world. Florence is home to scores of museums, palaces, churches, and cloisters that contain incredible masterpieces. The art in Florence is dominated by one period, the Italian … Read more

2 Days In The Val d’Orcia Itinerary

Tuscany’s Val d’Orcia is the perfect spot for a weekend surrounded by breathtaking pastoral countryside. This area is a beautiful blend of history and scenery, offering some of the most pristine and picturesque views in Tuscany. With its rolling hills in shades of ochre and green, dense pine woods, olive groves, and vineyards, the Val … Read more

Guide To The Medici Chapels In Florence

Here’s my guide to visiting the Museum of the Medici Chapels. It’s one of the best museums and most hallowed historic sites in the beautiful rusticated city of Florence. Most importantly? The chapels’ New Sacristy holds seven Michelangelo sculptures — the most you’ll find in Florence. The sculptures are sublime, a stunning combination of artistic … Read more

Top Attractions In San Gimignano, the Tuscan Town Of Beautiful Towers

San Gimignano is a romantic glamor girl of Tuscany. It’s one of Italy’s best preserved and most beautiful medieval villages. As you stroll San Gimignano’s cobbled lanes, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine. Nicknamed the “Medieval Manhattan,” San Gimignano is famous for its “Bella Torres” or “Beautiful Towers.” The walled town known … Read more

Guide To Casa Buonarroti in Florence, An Homage To Michelangelo

Are you planning a trip to Florence, Italy? With so many incredible sights to see, you might be wondering if Casa Buonarroti is worth adding to your itinerary. Let me tell you, it absolutely is! Casa Buonarroti is a hidden gem among Florence’s museums. Once owned by Michelangelo Buonarroti, the famous Renaissance artist, this property … Read more