The Most Beautiful Must See Towns in Italy, For Your Bucket List

“Life is a combination of magic and pasta.” — Frederico Fellini Need some destination inspiration for planning a trip to Italy? This Italy travel guide takes you to 30 of the most beautiful and breathtaking towns in Italy, for your bucket list. Italy is one of my favorite countries, a dream destination I could return … Read more

How To Spend One Day In Siena Italy, a Rose-Toned Medieval Gem

Here’s my itinerary for spending one perfect day in Siena Italy. This Siena itinerary covers all the top must visit attractions, landmarks, museums, and destinations in Siena in 24 hours. But just to be clear, under no circumstances do I recommend spending only 1 day in beautiful rose-hued Siena. Absolutely, positively, not recommended.  Gorgeous Siena is … Read more

Guide to Siena’s Palazzo Pubblico, With One of Italy’s Most Famous Fresco Cycles

Here’s my guide to visiting the Palazzo Pubblico, the political and cultural center of Siena Italy. The magnificent palace sits proudly in one of Europe’s most beautiful medieval squares, the Piazza del Campo. The Palazzo Pubblico was built in 1297-1308 for the Council of Nine, the governing body of Siena. Beside the Gothic palace soars … Read more

Guide To the Siena Cathedral Complex, an Art-Filled Gothic Wonder in Tuscany

Here’s my guide to visiting the complex of Siena Cathedral. The cathedral is a true haven for art lovers. Siena Cathedral is also known as the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption and the Duomo. It might as well be nicknamed the Siena Art Museum, it’s so stuffed with Italian masterpieces. For a church, … Read more