The Best 10 Days In Croatia and Slovenia Itinerary

Planning a classic Croatian-Slovenia road trip? This is the ultimate 10 day itinerary for visiting Croatia and Slovenia. This ten day itinerary takes you on a journey from Dubrovnik Croatia to Ljubljana Slovenia. It’s a popular road trip route that’s dense with exciting cities, must see medieval villages, UNESCO-listed landmarks, and loads of old world … Read more

Guide To Kotor Montenegro: It’s The Cat’s Meow

Here’s my guide to visiting the beautiful town of Kotor Montenegro. Set in the fjord-like Bay of Kotor, jaw dropping Kotor is less a town than a labyrinth of narrow cobbled passageways, filled mostly with cats, who sprawl across the doors of lovely Romanesque churches and snuggle in tourists’ laps. Kotor’s one of Europe’s most … Read more