Guide To the Prado Museum In Madrid: Masterpieces & Tips

The Prado is special. It’s Spain’s premiere cultural jewel, boasting one of Europe’s finest and most sensuous classical painting collections. Founded in 1819 by King Ferdinand, the Prado opened as the Royal Museum of Paintings. The vaunted museum celebrated its 200th birthday in 2019. The artistic anchors of the Prado are Francisco Goya, Diego Velázquez, … Read more

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Guide To Goya’s Terrifying Black Paintings At Madrid’s Prado Museum

The Prado is Spain’s cultural jewel and best museum. One of the highlights of a visit is seeing Francesco Goya’s haunting Black Paintings. They’re riveting must see works at the museum. The Black Paintings are some of the most disturbing artworks ever made. They depict existential despondency over the human condition and edge-of-death despair. The … Read more

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