Whodunit? Did Richard III Kill the Princes in the Tower of London?

“History is a lie!” — Robert Walpole, British Prime Minister For aficionados of true crime cold cases, the disappearance of the sons of King Edward IV, the “two princes in the tower” is truly epic stuff. The year is 1483. King Edward IV has just died and his sons, Edward V and Richard, are installed … Read more

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Guide To Windsor Castle, Day Trip From London

Windsor Castle is a striking 11th century castle that’s the official home of the royal family. The palace is the longest occupied royal residence in the world. It’s been the symbol of the monarchy for 1,000 years. At the castle, you can see the sprawling grounds, take the “long walk,” admire lavish staterooms, and visit … Read more

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Guide To Roman London, Roman Ruins From Londinium

This is the ultimate guide to immersing yourself in the many attractions of Roman London. The history of London is one of invasion and conquering. Apart form prehistoric tribes, the Romans were the first to takeover. Indeed, the Romans named the country “Britainia” and its capital city “Londinium.” History of Roman London: What Was Londinium? … Read more

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