Best Cities In Europe For Art & Culture

Are you an art enthusiast looking for the perfect cultural European city break? Look no further my friends! This is the ultimate guide to the 15 best cities in Europe for art lovers. They are home to Europe’s best museums and art collections. As an art addict, I’ve visited them all. With this guide, you … Read more

Guide To the Knossos Palace Archeological Site in Crete: Is It a Ruined Ruin?

Here’s my complete guide to visiting the Knossos Palace archaeological complex in Crete. The palace is a must visit attraction on the north shore of Crete in Greece. This guide covers the history and excavation of the palace and tells you everything to see at the site. Knossos is the symbol of the ancient Minoan … Read more

The Parthenon: the Case of the Controversial “Elgin Marbles”

“The Parthenon is the one building in the world which may be assessed as absolutely right.” — Classicist A.W. Lawrence The “Elgin Marbles” are the most famous exhibit in the British Museum in London England. The marbles are beautiful friezes and sculptures that once adorned the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens, built between 447 … Read more