Guide To The Nazi And World War II Sites In Nuremberg Germany

Planning a visit to Nuremberg Germany? Here’s my guide to visiting the historic World War II and Nazi sites in Nuremberg, for history buffs and WWII aficionados. Despite Nuremberg’s storybook looks, the city has a dark past.No other city in Germany is more intertwined with the Nazi legacy than Nuremberg. The Nazis went to great … Read more

What To Do & See In Bamberg, UNESCO Wonderland In Bavaria

Bamberg, located in northern Bavaria, is a hidden gem that deserves a spot on your Germany travel list. This charming city is characterized by its picturesque half-timbered houses, lovely canals, and an impressive palace. Known as the “city of seven hills,” Bamberg overflows with authentic charm and medieval architecture, creating a fairytale-like ambiance. Its Old … Read more

Top Attractions In Medieval Regensburg Germany

Regensburg, a picturesque city on the Danube River in Germany, is a destination well worth visiting. This medieval city is remarkable for having survived wartime bombing, leaving its medieval center gloriously intact. Unlike many German cities, Regensburg’s historic heart has been so well preserved that it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2006. … Read more

Visitor’s Guide to Neuschwanstein Castle In Bavaria

Here’s my guide to visiting the magnificent Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. I give you an overview of the castle’s history, its architect, and tell you what you need to see inside. Clad in glistening limestone and strategically perched in the Alps, Neuschwanstein Castle is the most visited site in Germany. The Neo-Gothic castle isn’t a … Read more

Guide To Mad King Ludwig’s Fairytale Castles in Bavaria Germany

“There is a castle on a cloud. I like to go there in my sleep.” — Ludwig II, quoting Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables Here’s my guide to the top must visit castles in Bavaria, a gorgeous region in southern Germany. These stunning Bavarian castles were designed and built by Mad King Ludwig II of Bavaria. … Read more

Guide To Modern Art Masterpieces In Europe (and Where To Find Them!)

Hungry for art or cultural inspiration? Do you want to see Europe’s best modern art on vacation? Look no further! This list, created with my own subjective views and the objectively immortal status of the listed artists, will satisfy your cravings. I identify the most famous and groundbreaking works of modern art in Europe and … Read more

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Guide To The Munich Residenz: City Palace of the Wittelsbach Dynasty

The Munich Residenz is a vastly underrated European palace. I’d say it’s on par with Versailles in terms of sheer grandeur, though I may get booed for that sentiment. Too bad, it’s delightfully under-touristed and historically interesting, despite being mostly a post WWII recreation. The Munich Residenz was the seat of a political and cultural … Read more

Guide To The German National Museum in Nuremberg Germany

Weather can be tricky in Germany in the fall. It’s irritatingly unpredictable. I was in Germany during an unexpected fall “freeze,” when the weather flip flopped 30 degrees in a day or two. That’s a bit hard to bear now, isn’t it? Having been frozen out, and drowned out, of Munich, I found myself in … Read more