Guide To the Real Life Game of Thrones Castles in Europe

I return, once again, to my Game of Thrones’ obsession. Greetings fellow Game of Thrones nerds, sullied and unsullied, Stark or Targaryen devotees. Here’s my guide to the stunning and craggy castles in Europe that have been filming locations for HBO’s Game of Thrones. Who doesn’t love Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin’s romantic medieval … Read more

Up in Smoke in Croatia

One bright and promising morning, my daughter Ali and I awoke in our Split Air Bnb apartment to tasty Croatian fritules and strong black coffee. Our plan was to road trip from Split Croatia to Ljubljana Slovenia. Our mood was ebullient; we were excited about what lay ahead. Outside and above us, fair weather cumulous … Read more

Reliving the Gore and Glory on a Game of Thrones Tour in Dubrovnik

Here’s my guide to taking a Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik Croatia. it tells you everything you’ll see and what to expect. Fairytale Dubrovnik is divine. It has a striking old town, a perfect setting on the turquoise blue Adriatic sea, an impressive mountain backdrop, and some serious landmarks. Its walls are one of … Read more