Guide To Lisbon’s National Tile Museum, Starring Beautiful Azulejos

Here’s my visitor’s guide to Lisbon’s fascinating Museu Nacional do Azulejo or National Tile Museum. The museum is an underrated hidden gem in Lisbon. Not only is it beautiful in and of itself, the museum helps to explain Lisbon’s unique decorative appeal and architectural history. Lisbon is affectionately nicknamed “Queen of the Sea.” I like … Read more

Bad Selfie Day in Nerja Spain

I’m not terribly fond of snapping photos of myself. I’m not precisely sure of the cause. I’m not photogenic for one thing. For another, I’m usually compulsively taking pictures of the beautiful buildings or landscapes around me. I mean just look at my iPhone photo of Nerja below. I’m thankful there are no people in … Read more

Head in the Clouds in Spellcasting Cordes Sur Ciel

Here’s my guide to visiting the beautiful hidden gem town of Cordes-sur-Ciel in southwest France. It’s an easy day trip from nearby Toulouse. It was a languorous, sunny mid afternoon in the town of Albi, which sits charmingly on the banks of the Tarn River in southern France. Albi’s brimming with style, imposing brickish architecture, … Read more

Quirky Cool Facts and Secrets of the Louvre Museum in Paris

Here’s my guide to the secrets and history of the Louvre Museum. The Louvre is considered the best museums in Paris and one of the City of Light’s most unmissable sites. It’s the largest, busiest, most visited museum in the world. It has 35,000 works of art and is a palace itself. But what do … Read more

Guide To The Secret Zadkine Museum In Paris

Here’s my guide to visiting the secret Zadkine Museum in Paris’ Montparnasse neighborhood. It’s one of Paris’ best small museums, especially if you admire sculpture. For sculpture, it’s second only to the Rodin Museum. The Zadkine Museum is a hidden gem in Paris. It’s largely tourist free and conveniently located right next to the verdant … Read more

Did Alexandre Dumas Actually Write His Romantic Novels?

Everything about the life and times of Alexandre Dumas was filled with romance. He was big, loud, and likely unscrupulous. His life mirrors or exceeds that of his fictional heroes. Dumas was a best-selling author, a chronic womanizer, and, surprisingly, a master chef. Dumas grew up a pauper and of mixed race in France. His … Read more

Tips & Things To Know Before Visiting Seville

If you’re planning a trip to Seville, you’ll need some essential tips for visiting. While the city offers sunlit bliss, the key to a successful trip lies in knowing both the highlights and challenges. Seville is a gem of Andalusia. It holds a special allure, radiating joy with its sunny ambiance, lively streets, and soul-stirring … Read more

Guide To France’s Château de Coucy

Once more unto the breach! I have to tell you all about visiting the Chateau Coucy, a must see ruin not too far from Paris. Chateau Coucy is a 13th century French castle in the Picardy region of France. It was once the grandest defensive fortification in France. It’s a perfect day trip from Paris … Read more