Guide To the Sumptuous Casa de Pilatos in Seville Spain

Here’s my guide to visiting the beautiful Casa de Pilatos in Seville. The elegant aristocratic palace is divine and underrated hidden gem in Seville. It’s a quiet haven away from the ever-present crowds. Sunny Seville is not a place for introverts. It’s glorious. A happy wonderful-to-be-alive kind of place, teeming with people, sounds, scents, and … Read more

Guide To Frigiliana: Is it the Prettiest Village in Spain?

Here’s my guide to visiting the petty Andalusian village of Frigiliana. This must visit Spanish town is a beautiful hidden gem town in Spain that should be on your bucket list for southern Spain. Frigiliana knows it’s pretty. Unlike the Sevillanos who are more haughtily atavistic, however, the residents of Frigiliana are more dignified, less … Read more

Visitor’s Guide to the Royal Alcazar of Seville

Here’s my guide to visiting the magnificent Royal Alcazar in Seville Spain. I give you an overview and history of the complex, tell you what to see inside, and give you must know tips for visiting. The sultry Real Alcázar de Sevilla, or Royal Alcázar, is one of Spain’s most famous landmarks. It’s undoubtedly the … Read more

Guide To Osuna Spain: An Adorable Game of Thrones Village in Andalusia

Here’s my guide to visiting the beautiful Spanish town of Osuna Spain in Andalusia. Osuna is a hidden gem in southern Spain and an easy day trip from Seville. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, it’s a must visit town in southern Spain. Osuna is an adorable town in rural Andalusia, just outside Seville. … Read more

Up in Smoke in Croatia

One bright and promising morning, my daughter Ali and I awoke in our Split Air Bnb apartment to tasty Croatian fritules and strong black coffee. Our plan was to road trip from Split Croatia to Ljubljana Slovenia. Our mood was ebullient; we were excited about what lay ahead. Outside and above us, fair weather cumulous … Read more

The Incredibly Scenic Golden Circle Tour in Iceland

Iceland is known as a supercharged landscape of icy lava fields, soaring waterfalls, and bursting geysers. Basically, a theater for natural beauty, a Nordic nirvana. I had just landed in Reykjavik with family and friends, after cruising through Norway. Norway’s natural scenery had been stunning, eliciting a bursting-out-of- your-chest feeling of wonder. I’m not usually … Read more